Posted on Jul 7, 2020

MSPV - Armoured & Bulletproof Vehicle India, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,

MSPV’s Cash In Transit vehicles range in size and capability depending on the customer requirements. MSPV armoured Mercedes-Benz Actros is available in protection levels of B4+ and B6. We offer solutions to accommodate various payload requirements. The Cash In Transit Vehicle shell and cab are customized on a basic van or truck chassis. The CIT vehicle features perimeter protection of the passenger compartment, bullet resistant glass, run flat systems as well as video surveillance equipment. Bullet-resistant glass and a reinforced shell and cab are designed to handle bullets from most handguns and rifles. Our primary objective being to offer the best vehicles in terms of security and quality. Protection level:- Up to CEN1063 and 1522 BR6/FB6
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